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The Fossil Discovery Center is here, and you can help make history.

After 17 years of preparation, on October 13th 2010 the Fossil Discovery center of Madera County opened its doors for the first time.

FDC plans

With the new Fossil Discovery Center comes a new website.

Over the next two months this new website will be completed. If you would like to help, please contact us. In the meanwhile, enjoy the transformation.

Fairmead fossil site



If you wish to stay informed of new finds, developments at the Fossil Discovery Center, local lectures and events as well as support the work of the Foundation... Please become a member of the Fossil Discovery Center.

Students at dig site.

Education is the core of the Fossil Discovery Center.

Are you an intersted educator? Please contact us if you wish to help add to our work with schools. We are building a curriculum for our ongoing school program.

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Fossil Discovery Center

We need a helping hand with many aspects of the new Center. There is something for everyone.

If you like people and share our enthusiasm, consider being a docent or other volunteer. This is an ideal time to support the Fossil Discovery Center.

Fossil Discovery enter groundbreaking

Some very dedicated people have partnered together to make the Fossil Discovery Center possible.

The San Joaquin Vally Paleontology Society will operate the Center that the County of Madera has created. Fresno State University provides the expertise, and you provide the reason.

Video this is our latest video

Grand Opening

A Fun Venue for Events!

Everyone enjoyed the wine tasting and hors d'oeuvres fund-raising event that raised operating funds for the Fossil Discovery Center on Thursday, January 20th.  Co-sponsored by the Madera Vintners Association and Valley Pistachio at the Fossil Discovery Center.  The San Joaquin Valley Paleontology Foundation would like to thank all those who participated.


After 17 years in the making the Fossil Discovery Center of Madera County celebrated its grand opening on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 on National Fossil Day


There was a ribbon cutting ceremony in the morning and 250 people attend the event.  Paleontologists, politicians and people celebrated the Grand Opening activities.

In the evening a reception hosted 300 people with food, drink and fossil tours.  The public was invited to both events.

Paleontologists were seen preparing a 700,000 year old Columbian Mammoth tusk and a 65 million year old Mosasaur fossil.

15,000 fossils have been recovered from the Fairmead site to date and there is twenty more years of active digging planned.

The Discovery Center is across the street from the largest deposit of fossils on the West Coast.

The Fossil Discover Center of Madera County will be open Tuesdays through Sundays, 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Closed Mondays).



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Recent Discoveries

Dr. Robert Dundas shares the new discovery of a new species of carnivore from the Fairmead Landfill dig. A Smilodon skull that looks like a new species of Sabertooth cat.  It is video #3 at the bottom of the Dr. Dundas page.

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FDC History

Find out how fossils were found in Madera County and the genesis of the Fossil Discovery Center.

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